CHILDREN´S TRIP & Family Adventure


Immerse yourself in a magical private trip for you and your family, where you will get to know the ancient culture of Morocco and you will experience your particular history of “A thousand and one nights” in a dream trip, designed and prepared in Marvelous Morocco by our team of professionals who are experts in making it come true. The children will live their own story full of magic and adventures, you will meet snake charmers and acrobats, street musicians and dancers in the bustling Marrakech, you will ride a camel through the dunes of the spectacular desert, where you will visit nomadic families, sharing with them moments that will remain etched forever in the memories of the whole family. A cultural exchange that will delight everyone and a wonderful opportunity for the little ones to see and experience how other children live and their differences depending on their born place.

What an experience! But that’s not all, the adventure continues and nothing less than in Rissani with its particular and unique Donkey Parking and its colorful market, one of the oldest and most important in Morocco, your eyes will go out with its colorful shops and the mix of scents that give off its spices and incense that leave no one indifferent.  From Marvelous Morocco company we will make your trip such a special and unique adventure, offering your children the opportunity to become interested in the cultural diversity that will enrich you all so much.

Don’t let pass this spectacular and magical way of seeing the world, always in the funniest way and sharing unforgettable moments with the family. For more information and reservations, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you and help you design your trip around Morocco.

Travel with us and enjoy a family adventure providing you and your children a limitless time of fun and joy. 

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