What you need to know About Marrakech


This big city is founded in 1062 and it is one of the most famous Moroccan cities, also one mean destination for tourists. It’s “Red City” nicknamed came from the color of its buildings in the medina which is concentrated all the local history. The bustling and vibrant buzz of Marrakesh Medina sums up Morocco for many visitors. The old city is entered from the vast plaza of Jemmaa el-fna Square where, it seems, half of the city converges throughout the day and into the evening to hang out with the stall vendors, traditional musicians, snake charmers and random acrobats. Once inside the Medina itself, you enter a world of maze-like alleyways and shopkeeper hustle. It’s an experience of full of colorful and noisy local life, and not to be missed on your Moroccan sightseeing trails.

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